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EV Tesla News April 23 '22 Tesla Crashes into Plane, Tesla Margins, Hyundai Partners for Green City

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0:00 Fanfare
0:18 Tesla vehicle crashes into $3.5 million jet after being dangerously ‘summoned’ by owner
1:00 Tesla’s gross margin and profits are surging along with prices, and it had to explain itself
1:50 Tesla is already using cobalt-free LFP batteries in half of its new cars produced
2:30 Tesla is testing in-car Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity with several major internet providers
3:14 Hyundai and We Drive Solar deploy IONIQ 5s with V2G tech in the Netherlands to create the ‘world’s first bi-directional city’
3:50 Community Comment (Blue is the new Green)

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Quick Charge Podcast: April 23, 2022




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