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The New Hyundai Sonata EV will have 600 km / 373 mi Range! What's the secret?

In our previous issue, we have discussed the onslaught of Korean electric cars that are about to invade the automotive scene in the next few years, as the Hyundai Motor Group is about to embark on its journey to become an exclusive EV manufacturer starting in 2025, in its path to be completely carbon neutral by the year 2045.
And if you have been paying attention to the message that Hyundai has been sending out, you would understand that in conjunction with the battery electric vehicles, another important part of its future lies with the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
In addition to the myriad of battery electric cars, Hyundai is investing heavily to bring out highly competitive next-generation fuel cell electric vehicles that are to be even more efficient, and economical than the battery EVs.
In this episode, we will explore what Hyundai has in store for the new hydrogen-electric models and the technology that will make hydrogen fuel-cell EVs actually desirable at last.


0:00 Intro
0:16 Introduction
1:20 Hyundai’s BEV & FCEV Dual-Track Strategy
3:34 Why Fuel Cell?
5:30 New Hyundai Nexo FCEV
5:40 3rd Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell
6:19 Hyundai Sonata DN9 FCEV
6:47 Platform and The Plug-in Hybrid Technolgy
8:05 Hyundai Staria FCEV
8:13 Genesis FCEV
8:42 Price, Specs and Availablity
9:09 Question

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