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Nio ET7: China's BEST EVER EV!

Our China correspondent, Elliot Richards checks out the long-awaited Nio ET7 – a luxury EV that goes toe-to-toe with a crop of impressive rivals from the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Tesla. With monstrous range, mind-blowing performance, ultra-luxury interior and a cute AI companion to boot, is this the finest Chinese electric car we’ve ever seen?

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0:00 German auto exec? Are you hungry?
1:42 Welcome to the success of NIO
2:55 Taking it for a spin
3:27 Sports+ Mode
4:49 Concept to reality
8:13 BIG car, but does it feel like it?
9:38 The back seats
10:52 Slalom – composed or rubbish?
11:30 Wheels of fortune
12:26 Dare to watch Elliot having a massage
13:49 Brutal power or quiet comfort?
15:59 Luxury legacy, are the Germans in trouble?
16:49 Elliots English

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