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Haval H6 Review – The SUV turning the South African market upside down

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The interest in this car has been phenomenal. We’ve received an endless stream of comments, social media responses and requests from you, our dear viewers, to review this car. The reason for the delay was that Haval South Africa is selling every H6 that lands in the country, and so we had to wait longer for a media test unit.

It’s fair to say that the broad appeal to – and interest in this car from South African motorists – is unprecedented. The brand has rocketed up the top 10 list of car brands in South Africa by sales volume and is now larger than Nissan. It’s a success story other Chinese brands will hope to repeat and Chery’s launch on our market is imminent.

In this video, we review the second from the top-of-the-range, the 2.0T AWD Luxury variant, and we take an in-depth look as to why South Africans are finding this package so appealing. We’ll get into the pricing, we’ll take a detailed look at the interior, safety features and tech features, we look at the back seat space and features, as well as the boot space (load area).

0:00 – Intro
1:26 – What is the Haval H6?
2:35 – Pricing
3:49 – Why is it so cheap?
4:28 – Engine Specs
5:53 – Interior
8:42 – Rear View Camera
10:33 – Rear Seats
12:04 – Boot Space
13:26 – Fuel Efficiency
14:12 – H6 vs Jolion
15:24 – Reliability
16:41 – Should you buy a Haval?

Join our video guy Ciro De Siena for a thorough review of the new Haval H6, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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