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The BEST Selling Sports Car! (Ford Mustang GT 2022 review)

We test the 2022 Ford Mustang GT to see if this car deserves to sell so strongly.
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The Ford Mustang is Australia’s favourite sports car and has been for a long time. Last year, Ford sold 20x more Mustangs than 86 coupes and almost 4X as many Mustangs as Mazda sold MX-5s. Australians love the Mustang coupe and convertible. But why? On today’s episode, deputy editor Nathan Ponchard drives the Mustang GT 5.0L automatic coupe to find out.

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Time codes:
0:00 – Mustang GT in Yellow Peel
0:46 – Design
3:50 – Boot space
4:26 – Interior in black
8:23 – Back seats
8:50 – Running costs
9:37 – What is the Mustang GT like to drive?
15:04 – Ford Mustang expert verdict

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