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0:08 Ford Mustang Mach-E Dethrones Tesla Model 3
0:56 More Chips Won’t Bring Down Car Prices
1:35 China Cuts Subsidies & EV Sales Plummet
2:29 Honda Jumps on The Mobility Bandwagon
3:16 Renault Posts First Profit In 3 Years
3:36 Nissan To Make EVs In Canton
4:26 Bridgestone To Make New Tires from Recycled Ones
5:26 Schaeffler Develops Bearings for EVs
6:16 Mercedes Shows Historical Testing Method
7:29 Driving Ford’s E-Transit

Story Links:
– Ford Mustang Mach-E Dethrones Tesla Model 3: https://ift.tt/FPlbrCJ

– Vehicle Discounts Not Coming Back: https://ift.tt/ATxXIb2

– China Cuts EV Subsidies & Sales Plummet: https://ift.tt/eU2QarA

– Honda Undergoing Transformation: https://ift.tt/RpeaYTI

– Honda Leadership Changes: https://ift.tt/sV8bxGA

– Renault Teases Hydrogen Engine Concept: https://ift.tt/6zTMYLw

– Nissan to Make EVs in the U.S.: https://ift.tt/PGc9EFb

– Bridgestone Partners to Recycle Tires: https://ift.tt/ZMUmz39

– Schaeffler Develops New Wheel Bearing for EVs: https://ift.tt/YkMuzXg

– Historic Mercedes Measuring Car: https://group-media.mercedes-benz.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko.xhtml?oid=52636513&ls=L3NlYXJjaHJlc3VsdC9zZWFyY2hyZXN1bHQueGh0bWw_c2VhcmNoVHlwZT1mbGV4JnNlYXJjaFN0cmluZz1OTVNfRmxleFNlYXJjaF9DdXJyZW50TmV3cyZyZXN1bHRJbmZvVHlwZUlkPTQwNjI2JmZsZXhJbmZvVHlwZXM9NDA2MjYlMkM0MDYzMA!!&rs=0

– Full Ford e-Transit Review from EV Pulse: https://youtu.be/V14-TOOeGEE

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here: https://ift.tt/K1DWuBq

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