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0:15:46 Local opposition rises up against new Rivian factory
00:00 – Start
00:33 – Welcome!
00:40 Help us grow with a Patreon donation or by becoming a YouTube member!
00:46 Sponsor Message
00:57 – Volkswagen e-Up back and available to order
01:48 – NHTSA opens investigation into Tesla Autopilot ‘phantom braking’
02:45 – Dr. Herbert Diess takes part in an AMA on Reddit
03:38 – Official EPA documentation shows just how heavy and inefficient the Hummer EV is
04:40 – BMW i4 and iX variants get official EPA ranges
05:42 – Tesla opens up remaining Superchargers in the Netherlands to all EVs
06:42 – Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles unlikely to play a large roll in greening the fleet, says new study
07:48 – Mercedes-Benz unveils AMG EQE variants
08:40 – CATL Looks more likely than ever before to establish a factory in the U.S.
09:40 – Elon Musk’s Week in Twitter
11:08 – Help us grow with a Patreon donation or YouTube membership
11:46 – EuroCell announces its intent to build its first European Gigafactory
12:01 – Aptera Beta SEV beats Tesla Model 3, Audi R8 GT Spyder
12:17 – Redwood Materials begins to start recycling batteries from Volvo and Ford
12:33 – Illinois’s planned shut-off of fossil fuel generation boosts solar installations
12:51 – Fisker uses its Q4 and FY 21 Earnings call to share 31k OCEAN reservations, announce opening of Fisker PEAR reservations
13:08 – The Rimac Nevera completes its crash tests
13:23 – Ingenity launches its second electric boat
13:40 – GM pushes back planned resumption of production for Bolt EV, Bolt EUV
13:57 – Ford announces partner from Detroit to build Kentucky-based battery plant
14:12 – In-home charging spend will reach $16 billion globally by 2026
14:28 – Candella C-8 performs its first electric foiling
14:47 – Study shows that most battery raw materials are currently imported into the U.S.
15:04 – New Ford patent suggests it is working on its own ‘Dog mode’
15:21 – Ineos Grenadier might be offered as an EV after all
15:37 – ElectraMeccanica to launch an autonomous Solo EV Pilot program
15:46 Local opposition rises up against new Rivian factory
16:02 – 2022 Ford Mustang Mach E Ratings posted
16:18 – Mercedes-Benz successfully completes winter testing with the e-Sprinter
16:33 – ARPA-E awards grant money to e-Mobility and clean energy projects
16:47 – Eve Urban working to deliver 90 e-VTOL craft to Australia
17:03 – Ford’s Puma may become the Puma EV
17:19 – Nissan announces $500 Million investment in Mississippi to retrofit factory for two new EVs
17:34 – New study shows corn-based ethanol is worse for the environment than gasoline
17:51 – German magazine suggests Volkswagen is in talks to acquire self-driving arm from Huawei
18:06 – GM teases a new vehicle built on the Ultium platform
18:24 – Ford, State Farm, work on new insurance program using EV telematics
18:37 – Federal Government expected to give California permission to set its own emissions rules again
18:56 – AutoFlight completes its proof-of-concept transition test flight for Prosperity I Air Taxi
19:45 – ECD Automotive Design makes electric Land Rover Defenders we’d like to own.

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