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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Toyota just gave us a vanishingly short look at how it’s testing an electric vehicle prototype running and driving with solid-state batteries.

Toyota shared this video on its Japanese Youtube channel.

Toyota’s electric vehicle, running on solid-state batteries and shown in the video, appears to be a version of Toyota’s LQ Concept, which first debuted at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show as an AI and self-driving demonstrator.

While earlier Toyota LQ was reported to be a “battery electric vehicle,” in this release, it bears a large decal announcing its “All-Solid-State” battery. Far from a static model, the prototype was filmed driving down the road under its own power.

This Toyota LQ running on a solid-state battery is awesome for some reason. A top-class company whose philosophy, corporate culture, and system can compete in the world.

Rumors of Toyota revealing a prototype vehicle with solid-state batteries first dropped in late 2020, according to contemporary reports from Nikkei Asia. In today’s announcement, Chief Technology Officer Masahiko Maeda revealed that Toyota first built the prototype in June last year, driving the vehicle on a test course to collect performance data. Speaking to The Drive, Toyota’s Vice President of Mobility Communications Shiro Tachimoto stated that “Based on that data, we continued to make improvements, and in August last year, we obtained license plate registration for vehicles equipped with all-solid-state batteries and conducted test drives.”

I think this is the first electric sedan running on a solid-state battery (not counting the Mercedes bus with solid-state battery) and I think the EV era is just around the corner.

Toyota’s first electric vehicle with a solid-state battery will be a complete game-changer. It seems that overseas companies are overwhelmingly behind Toyota in putting solid batteries to practical use.

Imagine Toyota bringing up all future cars with solid-state batteries.

I mean a next-generation Lexus, next-generation Crown, Century-class SUV, bZ4X, and so on.

But keep in mind, it’s easy to make a prototype, but the problem is mass production.

Now, this vehicle’s shape is futuristic and original, but the visibility diagonally behind seems to be not so attractive. It would be great if Toyota produces great-looking electric vehicles with solid-state batteries.


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