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Senate Guts EV Bill – 2:36
Tesla 2020 Impact Report – 7:33
Tesla Semi Can Carry More – 10:25
Tesla Battery Life – 12:00
Tesla Battery Recycling – 12:43
EV Sales by all carmakers – 14:04
Average Annual Miles Driven – 15:06
Number of Vehicle Fires per Billion Miles – 15:50
Tesla Global Employees – 16:08
Tesla & VW Push India on Tariffs – 16:28
Model 3 Standard Range Plus Delayed – 19:54
Tesla Reenables Supercharging for Salvages? – 20:59
Chevy Silverado Electric Teaser – 23:27
GigaShanghai 450,000/year – 26:14
Tesla Files For 5 Model Y Variants in China – 30:51
GigaBerlin Fair & Tour – 31:27
E-Bikes Better than Vans – 32:23
CATL Raises $9B – 33:33
U.S. Model Y Gets HEPA – 36:06
SpaceX Buys a Satellite Company – 39:45

Tesla 2020 Impact Report



Tesla Semi Can Carry More

Tesla says Tesla Semi electric truck’s weight is on point, and that’s crucial

Tesla Battery Life

Tesla claims its battery packs lose only ~10% capacity after 200,000 miles

Tesla Battery Recycling

Tesla claims 92% battery cell material recovery in new recycling process

Tesla & VW Push India on Tariffs

Volkswagen teams with Tesla to slash India import duties


Model 3 Standard Range Plus Delayed

Tesla pushes new Model 3 Standard Range Plus orders to 2022

Tesla Reenables Supercharging for Salvages?

Tesla starts giving back Supercharger access to salvaged vehicles

Chevy Silverado Electric Teaser

GM teases Chevy Silverado electric pickup with 4-wheel steering

GigaShanghai 450,000/year


Tesla Files For 5 Model Y Variants in China

Tesla files to produce 5 more versions of Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai, some for export

GigaBerlin Fair & Tour

Tesla aims to start Model Y production at Gigafactory Berlin in October, pending govt approval

E-Bikes Better than Vans


CATL Raises $9B

Tesla battery supplier CATL is raising $9 billion to accelerate production

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