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Just about an hour ago, a top Toyota scientist updated about Toyota’s electric vehicle strategy in a very straight talk.

Gill Pratt, who heads Toyota’s Research Institute as its CEO, just moments ago revealed Toyota’s entire strategy about electric vehicles and why Toyota pursues four different types of drivetrains such as BEV, PHEV, FCEV and HEV.

Published as a blog response to his previous blog post Pratt says Toyota is in no way dragging its feet on battery electric vehicles. In fact, Toyota spends about $10 billion per year on R&D. That pays for a lot of R&D on fuel cells, but it also pays for over a thousand scientists, including over a hundred in the US, working on battery R&D.

He says he loves electric vehicles. Carbon is our enemy and that we need to use everything we have got to fight it. By everything, he means not only battery electric vehicles, but also Plug-In Hybrid EV and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle drivetrains.

Speaking of Toyota’s EV strategy, Pratt says “20% of our global vehicle production will be BEVs; and70% of US vehicle production will be electrified (BEVs, PHEVs, FCEVs, or HEVs)”

Regarding Toyota’s four-drivetrain strategies (BEV, PHEV, FCEV, HEV) he says being efficient about R&D means managing the risk of lost opportunities if we make decisions too soon. And it also means developing products for diverse customers, not just a category of customers.

This boils down to two principles for Toyota:

1. The solution to uncertainty is diversity, and

2. What is best for the average person is not best for every person.

Then prat goes to great lengths to explain Toyota’s EV strategy focusing around the above two principles.

After this Pratt speaks a lot about Toyota’s EV battery research, including the upcoming solid-state batteries, and says this in a conclusion.

Battery Electric Vehicles are wonderful ways to reduce carbon for some customers. Other types of electrified drivetrains are best for other customers, especially in the near future.

Do you like Toyota’s EV strategy? Do you find it reasonable to be too little too late?


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