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At battery day, Tesla announced that they were working on a new $25K compact car – but they estimated that it wouldn’t be out until 2023/2024. However, it now appears like Tesla might have been sandbagging this date – and there have been a number of reports, including two in the last several days that I want to discuss that seem to indicate that this $25K car could come much sooner than Tesla estimated!

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Disclaimer and Disclosure:

All of the content found in this video is based on my own opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and this is NOT in any way a recommendation or offer to buy or sell securities. While the information in this video is believed to be correct at the time of recording, no guarantees are being made about the accuracy of the information presented in the video. Please consult a licensed professional, or do your own research before making any financial decisions. As of the recording of this video, I am NOT invested in Tesla (TSLA) or BYD (BYDDF) stock or securities.

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