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Read more about the 2022 Toyota GR 86: https://edmu.in/3CGxYB7

When you think “sports car,” you think about cars like the Chevy Corvette, Porsche 911 and BMW M4. While these are all amazing machines, they can easily reach or exceed $100,000 when you start adding options. That’s where the Toyota GR 86 comes in. Previously known as the Toyota 86 — and Scion FR-S before that — the redesigned 2022 GR 86 is a small, lightweight and fun-to-drive affordable sports car in the traditional definition of the phrase.

For 2022, its larger and more powerful engine produces 228 horsepower, helping lower the GR 86’s 0-60 mph time to 6.1 seconds with the manual transmission. That’s a full second quicker than the previous model. The GR 86’s interior receives a few updates, including upgraded bucket seats and additional leather padding around the cabin when you opt for the Premium trim level. These changes might not seem like much on the surface, but the revised styling and much-needed engine upgrade help to propel the Toyota GR 86 into the conversation about the best affordable sports cars. Carlos Lago hosts our review of the 2022 Toyota GR 86.

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Engine 00:57
Interior 02:56
Driving Impressions 04:36
Conclusion 11:27

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