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Maruti Suzuki EV to launch before 2025, priced below Rs 10 lakh

Article:- https://ift.tt/3zqtdJq

To be developed in conjunction with Toyota, the Maruti Suzuki EV is likely to be a hatchback or a small SUV.

Suzuki is set to enter the electric passenger vehicle market in India before 2025, according to a new report. As per the latest news to emerge on this front, a Maruti Suzuki electric vehicle (EV) is in the works, and is set to be launched in the country in the next three years.

A Bengaluru-based startup called Log9 Materials believes that the key is to focus on energy-generation, instead of energy storage. Log9 Materials say that a car powered by aluminium fuel cells can have a range of 1000 km post which the aluminium plates can be replaced within minutes. We spoke with Akshay Singhal, Founder, Log 9 Materials.

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